Learn All About Designer Stacked Wedding Rings

This past year, you put time, effort, and money into finding the perfect engagement ring. She deserves it! You’ve finally popped the big question to the woman you love. You’re not done jewelry shopping once you’ve got an engagement ring though. Now, you still have to find a wedding band to go with it before you exchange your vows. As the day gets closer, your fiance is telling you that one wedding band might not be enough. She is talking about the rising trend of designer stacked wedding rings.

A ring stack is a set of multiple rings that sit or nest together in a grouping. This can include the engagement ring, wedding band, and other additional rings. The wearer of these beautiful stacked wedding rings can add or switch bands to express personal style or mark special occasions. For instance, a big anniversary, like celebrating ten years of marriage may be marked by adding a new band. Many people choose to add a new band at the birth of a child. She may want a new band to celebrate Mother’s Day after a particularly tough year of midnight feedings and changing diapers. Her life is not all about what she does for you and her kids, though. Buy her a new band to congratulate her on a new job, opening a small business, graduating law school, or getting that big promotion she’s been working hard for, and let her know how proud you are of her accomplishment. When you stop to think about it, there are so many other milestones to commemorate with a ring.

The most important feature of the stacked wedding ring look is that it’s not all the same ring. A ring stack means she can experiment and style the rings with different metals and stones. The size and shape of your engagement ring will affect which bands you can stack. For example, if she has a classic white diamond and white gold engagement ring, she will want to go less traditional for some or maybe all of the additional bands added at a later date. You could layer a marquise or pear-shaped ring with a compatible, pointy shaped band, and those bands are also really interesting layered with a classic round diamond. She can mix in different metal colors or even colored stones.

Remember, as much as she may love the look of a ring stack, you are not building this stack all at once. It takes time to build the right kind of stack, because each band means something. It’s much more special this way. Layering multiple bands around her engagement ring really serves to put that milestone piece front-and-center, and then tells the story of your life together.

Traditionally, there is one ring for the engagement and one for the wedding. That would mean she wears two rings forever. Your fiance is really special and maybe that’s just not enough for her! Stacking is the way to keep adding to her ring.

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